About Freetricity

Freetricity has been installing and maintaining Solar PV systems since 2010. Paul Williams started the company in 2010 to take advantage of the Government funded Feed-in Tarriff scheme, installing portfolios of commercial and residential solar PV installation for large financial institutions.

Now that the Feed-in Tariff scheme is no longer available, Freetricity is focused on providing operations and maintenance and asset management services to existing and new financial institutions with portfolios of residential and small commercial roof top and ground mounted solar PV installations. The team is lead by the shareholder-directors, Paul Williams, Peter Moys, Martin Bleazard and Leo Patching.

As an owner-operator of our own residential and commercial systems, we understand the importance of regular maintenance and all of the factors that can negatively impact solar PV performance. We apply the same approach to thousands of investment fund owned systems and maintain our clients’ installations to ensure they receive the best return on their solar PV investments.

Services that We Offer

  • Helpdesk for homeowners for enquiries regarding the solar PV systems and their contracts
  • Maintaining a database of information on our CRM system
  • Maintaining asset registers
  • Insurance policy renewals and claims
  • Collecting data from monitoring platforms
  • Analysing raw performance data
  • Monthly energy reporting
  • Monthly dashboard reporting
  • Monthly irradiance reporting
  • Health and Safety reporting
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Fully equipped vans
  • Maintaining stock levels to avoid revisits
  • Visual inspection of panels from ground level
  • Inspecting consumer units, inverters, meters, cabling and AC and DC isolators
  • Fault finding including contacting manufacturers and monitoring companies for assistance
  • Out of warranty and under warranty equipment replacement (inverters, meters, panels, and mounting systems)
  • H&S labelling
  • System preventative measures e.g., fireproof boarding; cable clipping; tightness checks
  • Voltage testing
  • Observing property roof condition and ground condition
  • Roof level inspections; temporary removal and reinstallation; decommissioning
  • Addressing proprietor concerns regarding the installation
  • Corresponding with homeowners for their property transactions
  • Corresponding with estate agents and solicitors
  • Updating leases in accordance with CML/UK Finance guidelines
  • Complaints handling (including Ombudsman and solicitor dealings)
  • FIT submissions
  • Annual declarations
  • AMR verification
  • Arranging biennial inspections
  • Management Accounts
  • VAT returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual statutory accounts
  • Corporation Tax returns
  • Contact Us


    0203 189 4500
    1 Filament Walk, Suite 216, Wandsworth London, SW18 4GQ


    1 Filament Walk, Suite 216, Wandsworth London, SW18 4GQ

    Postal Address

    Freetricity Operations Limited, 1 Filament Walk, Suite 216, Wandsworth London, SW18 4GQ