Solar PV Service and Repairs

Freetricity offers our customers a cost effective and efficient way to keep their systems at optimal performance. Our accredited engineers will attend, rectify and replace any faulty parts to ensure your system is maintained at a high standard to ensure a healthy return on your investment.

Remote Fault Detection

Freetricity’s remote monitoring system will access your generation data and enables us to spot problems or notice if the system is underperforming. Our regular checks of the output figures enable us to:

  • analyse data over long periods to spot downward trends
  • compare output with expected performance figures
  • observe environmental conditions affecting solar electricity output
  • notify you of any issue and promptly rectify any system issues

Inspection and Testing

During inspections, our trained technicians will:

  • carry out a detailed visual inspection, and clean the panels if required
  • ensure roof penetrations are watertight
  • check for vegetation growth or other new shade items such as a satellite dish
  • confirm electrical enclosures are safe and only accessible to authorized personnel
  • check for loose hanging wires in the array
  • check for signs of animal infestation under the array
  • inspect the inverter and check its performance against expected values, and check for signs of corrosion or damage, or any other safety issue
  • complete a detailed technical report

Warranty Claims Handling

Our expert team have established robust processes with all the major Solar PV manufacturers, enabling us to efficiently handle any warranty claim that is required. This ensures replacement product is promptly provided, and able to be installed to get your system back up and running. In many cases, our engineers will carry stock and be able to carry out the equipment change prior to the warranty claim, minimising downtime.

Solar Asset Management and Reporting

In addition to O&M (operations and management) services, we provide end-to-end asset management for several leading investors. Our asset management consists of the financial, commercial and administrative activities necessary to ensure a portfolio’s energy production translates into the appropriate revenue stream.

These activities typically include billing and collections of FIT, accounting and financial reporting, the administrative interface with regulations, local authorities and grid operators, and insurance paperwork and processing.

National Breakdown and Repair Service

Freetricity offers national O&M coverage, with a network of engineers able to attend sites promptly across mainland UK.

System Optimisation

Are you getting the best out of your Solar PV system? In areas of high nominal mains voltage, we’re able to fit an over-voltage protection device that can increase the amount of total power you can generate from a PV installation. The optimisation unit can increase solar PV output generation as it keeps your system generating for longer periods by reducing the supply to the Solar PV inverter. The device can be fitted to both new and existing solar PV systems.