About Us

Freetricity has been installing and providing Solar PV systems since 2010. As an owner-operator of our own residential and commercial systems, we understand the importance of regular solar maintenance and all of the factors that can negatively impact Solar PV performance. We apply the same approach to thousands of investment fund owned systems, warranting our customers’ installations to ensure they receive the best return on their solar investments. We operate a full Solar PV service, maintenance and asset management department.

Freetricity’s expert team manages many of the UK’s largest commercial solar PV installations. We also manage portfolios of thousands of domestic solar PV installation for corporate investment funds.

We are able to monitor and maintain schemes to ensure they continue to operate at their optimum efficiency. Through our monitoring platform, we quickly identify and rectify any decrease in output, offering piece of mind and protection for any investment made.

Solar PV Operations and Maintenance

Solar PV O&M services are all the technical services required to establish and maintain a specific performance level for a Solar PV system. We have installed over 5,000 systems and manage thousands of Solar PV systems for numerous clients. We offer Solar PV O&M services for any situation to ensure that system up-time and energy production is optimised – thereby maximising return on investment.

Solar PV O&M contracts are usually multi-year contracts with annual renewal or opt-out provisions and can be procured as a part of a complete lifecycle asset management program, or a la carte. Freetricity is happy to consider bespoke services for specific circumstances.

We ensure your system is working efficiently all year round. Our maintenance includes an annual service, which not only tests energy generation production, but includes an installation safety check and fault diagnosis.

As part of our Solar PV O&M Contract, we provide:
Planned and un-planned Service and Repairs
Remote Fault Detection and Automatic Alerting
Inspection and Testing
National Breakdown and Repair Service Coverage
Automated Feed in Tariff Readings and Account Management
Dedicated O&M Team
Warranty Claims Handling and Compliance
Preventative Maintenance
PV System Repair and Corrective Maintenance
Solar Asset Management and Reporting
Solar Panel Cleaning

Freetricity’s Mission:

Maximise the energy generation of commercial and residential Solar PV systems

Provide Solar PV O&M services that prolong the operating lifetime of installed systems

Increase the value of maintained Solar PV systems to provide higher return on investment for system owners and investors

Manage our customers solar assets as if they were our own

Offer a ‘one stop shop’ for Solar PV owners